Men's Gym Bags

If you have been looking for an overnight or gym bag that has style then we hope that we can tempt you with our new range of vintage-inspired men’s leather duffel bags.

Just because you are working out, you don’t have to comprise on looking your best on your way there. Our men’s leather duffel bags are made of strong, sun-tanned leather, tough, green canvas lining and are just the right size for your trainers, towel, and whatever else you need. Our new range means we have leather duffel bags that come in different sizes, so that means there is even more room for your kit bag, your toilet bag or your trainers to fit your size twelves.

Phew, we are worn out just with all this talk of exercise. These duffel bags are not just for gym junkies. You can take your duffel out for the day with the lads, or an impromptu overnight trip. Our leather duffel bag range is made of strong stuff, ready for any excursion, not just a healthy one.