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Tech Accessories

Today, technology is such an important part of modern life, so you need your i-Pad cover to keep your techno gadgets safe but also to express your style. We have developed a range of beautiful leather i-Pad covers and sleeves, which can fit all types of tablet, whilst having our unique Vida Vida style.

Our range of leather i-Pad covers and sleeves are handmade with a tough buffalo leather outer ‘shell’ and a soft suede or velvet inner lining to make it as protective as possible. We also have a selection of different designs, styles and sizes to choose from which are all highly functional, luxurious and beautiful.

So if you need a robust leather protective leather i-Pad cover or sleeve then we have lots of great options. 

Leather iPad Case Organiser
Leather iPad Cover Organiser
Leather iPad Cover With Stand
Leather iPad Envelope Sleeve
Leather iPad Mini Cover
Leather iPad Travel Organiser
Personalised Headphone Holder