Women's Messenger Bags

The Vida Vida leather messenger bag takes it’s inspiration from the messenger bags of old, which were used by the likes of the Pony Express. The classic design became popular because it was easy and comfortable to wear over your shoulder, whilst galloping along on a horse. The great advantage of this was that this still left your hands free to lassoo your lunch and hold the reins.

These same qualities are perfect for life today (although not everyone needs their hands free to lassoo their lunch nowadays but it makes cycling easier as well!) and our strong, leather messenger bag range has all the vintage appeal of the originals. We hand-make each bag with attention to detail to ensure their longevity, function and style. This traditional process makes them true modern day equivalents of the messenger bags of old.

We hand-make all our leather messenger bags for women using wonderfully suntanned, vintage-style leather. This leather really gives the messenger bags signature flap much more character because of it’s rich tan colour and natural grain.

The leather messenger bag’s simplistic design allows it to look the part with anything from a casual summer dress or more formal work-wear. It doesn’t complicate what you’re wearing so they make perfect laptop bags if you want to carry it safely and discretely. To aid this laptop function, all our leather messenger bags have a canvas laptop sleeve and 3 zip pockets and our size range allow you to accommodate any list of daily essentials and almost any sized laptop, whilst still looking fabulous!