Overnight Bags

Whether your holiday plans are a quick night away to a city where the nightlife is buzzing, the food is great and the company is just perfect, or a few days away with a gaggle of kids, a week of beaches, variety shows and ice cream and chips, we know our Vida Vida women’s travel bags will let you get away in style.

We are a bit of a fussy bunch; we want our overnight bags to look good (we are sick of hiding our luggage away) and we want them to be strong and tough. So we design and hand-make our women’s travel bags with beautiful leather and a tough, dark green canvas lining - giving an incredibly strong and durable finished product. 

You have got a lot of decisions to make about your holiday escape - choosing a bag from us shouldn’t be difficult - our handmade women’s travel bags that are tough, spacious, practical and look great. Happy days.