Men's Leather Travel Bags

Getting away from it all? You’ve got all your stuff sorted and are ready to go - all you need now is a leather travel bag that keeps your stuff safe, keeps it packed away, and ultimately makes you look good as you set off on your overnight business trip, your jet-set luxury holiday or your rugby weekend away with the boys.

Our range of travel bags come in many shapes, colours like brown, tan or black and sizes including small, medium and large.

We wanted our range of leather travel bags to make you stand out from the crowd. We have based each of our designs on at least a half a dozen vintage travel bags – partly because these designs have stood the test of time in terms of function and style and partly because our unique leather lends itself to this vintage look. 

We think there are some must haves for a travel bag - we make sure all our bags have some extra pockets on the outside, a large zip pocket inside so you can keep your really important things really safe, a strap that you can use over your shoulder or across the body, and carry handles for when the situations suits.

Our travel bags are handmade to our highest standards. They are designed with longevity in mind and the combination of leather and canvas lining gives them a hardwearing end result that makes sure they stand up to being flung in the hold or being shoved in the overhead luggage rack. Our leather is perfectly suntanned (just like you if you are heading off to sunnier climes!) and gets even more beautiful with use.