Women's Backpacks

Nobody wants to look too techy when cycling to work or wanting to keep your hands free on your travels and that is why we have created a range of vintage style women's leather backpacks and rucksacks.

Our designs take their origins from traditional vintage backpacks and they retain the idea of keeping things functional and simple yet stylish.

We use traditional manufacturing techniques to achieve that natural look and our leather is natural and weathers over time that improves as it ages by subtly changing colour

We now design our bags with your specific needs in mind.  This means you can safely stow away your laptop or iPad in a discrete way that does not scream "high tech gear in here"!  There are a range of sizes and shapes to fit almost any portable device you can imagine.

Our leather bags are fully lined in a very hard wearing dark green canvas and we also add features like zip pockets and canvas laptop sleeves to be added to many items too.

These beautiful leather backpacks are hip, comfy and ooze retro style, making them a must have for anyone who appreciates beautiful handmade quality, vintage cool and keeping a good posture!