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Men's Laptop Bags

If you are after a leather laptop bag, then this collection will be the ideal location to find that perfect bag to safely store your portable tech.

The last decade has seen some insane technological advances. Times have changed and now mobiles, tablets and laptops are a big part of modern life for most men. So whether you’re a game addict, an Excel wiz or a Google pro these important technological tools need to be kept safe and sound when you’re out and about…

Vida Vida has developed a wide range of leather laptop bags for men that are stylish as well as functional. We design our laptop bags so they are not joyless, laptop-shaped, padded cells of unimaginative boredom that scream “There’s a laptop in here!” - we aim considerably higher.

Our leather laptop bags are handmade to the highest quality and our designs are inspired by vintage classics. These are not only beautiful, but also extremely functional and they can be used for carrying lots of other things as well as laptops and tablets.

There are two advantages in hand-making our men's leather laptop bags so they don’t look like laptop bags. Firstly, it is always better to have a handsome leather bag that you love rather than carrying something that looks cheap and nasty. Secondly, it’s a far more subtle and discrete way of carrying one of your most expensive possessions, which makes it that much safer.

Vida Vida leather laptop bags come in a good range of sizes, so they can perfectly fit the smallest tablet up to the biggest laptop which means you can keep your technology safe and secure whilst you’re on the move and still look super cool!

Large Men's Classic Leather Satchel
From £85.00
Black Leather Satchel Laptop Bag
From £85.00
Medium Men's Classic Leather Satchel
From £75.00
Briefcase Laptop Bag
Men's Medium Leather Messenger Bag
From £70.00
Men's Large Leather Messenger Bag
From £80.00
Men's 3 in 1 Backpack Satchel
Vida Luxe Leather Laptop Bag
Roll Top Leather Messenger Bag
Special Leather Messenger Bag