Make your Vida Vida bag or accessory even more special!

Product personalisation has always been a key element of the Vida Vida product offering.  Whilst almost all our product can be embossed with your initials or a personal message we have now introduced the latest in gift personalisation using a Laser embossing machine.  Below is a bit of information about both services we offer.

Laser Engraving 

In mid-2018 we invested in a fantastic new high tech device that allows us to take a logo, drawing or hand written note that our customers send us and then "etch" that into the leather of some of our products.

This allows us to create amazing one off products just for you and your friends/family.  Imagine taking that child's drawing or poem and etching it into a leather wash bag, wallet or laptop case?

Any simple line drawings done in a dark colour with high contrast work really well (the printer does not print in colour and cannot see tone changes all that much).

Below are a few examples of the sorts of things we can do - all you have to do is use your imagination.  We do the rest.


Colour Metal Photo Card

Most recently, in 2020, we invested in a high-tech "dye sublimation" printer. This allows us to create durable metal printed colour photo cards that can be added to a number of our gift items.  So now you to include a tough and durable custom colour photograph item that we insert into the product of your choice.

Our range of items with photo cards is ever expanding and at the moment we offer a selection of tri-fold wallets, wash bags and key-rings as a few examples of items which can have a photocard included with them.

tri-fold wallet with photo card


Hot-Foil Embossing

We came across a 1960’s vintage hot-foil embossing machine that we knew would be able to beautifully stamp initials, numbers, a name or personal message onto our leather. We decided to invest in this wonderful machine which quickly become known as “Matilda” to everyone in the office.

Matilda the hot-foil personalisation machine

We experimented with different temperatures, pressures and colours and we were so pleased with the results as they suited our vintage styles perfectly. Et voila the world of personalisation, customisation and monogramming began!

Personalisation Of Gift Leather Bags

Please take a look at the information below to help you understand what options are available to you when you buy one of our monogrammable products.


Why would I want to emboss a bag?

If it’s a present you need, then monogramming initials, name or a short message really adds a special personal touch to a gift that they will really cherish. We offer options on many items to emboss up to 10-20 characters so there is quite a bit of space if you need it. Obviously, a few of the smaller bags may have a bit less space available.

Our laptop bags, satchels, handbags and travel bags can be personalised on the outside of the flap (in the centre) or more subtly hidden underneath the flap to suit your needs.  Some of our smaller items may only have one positioning option available which will be indicated when you place your order.


What colours can you monogram in?

We emboss (monogram) "blind" (no colour just heat and pressure) or antique gold foil so you can have the exact look you want. Our own favourite is “blind”, which uses heat rather than any colour to give a beautifully natural finish but the other options look great too.

Monogrammed Gifts - Blind No Colour
Embossing colour option example  "Blind"


Gold embossing example wash bag

Embossing colour option example in Vintage Gold Foil

How much does monogramming cost?

Basic monogramming costs around £5-£10 and there are options to upgrade further with longer messages, different colours and positions.  Each product details the exact price but remember that every monogram or message we add is set-up and done by hand.

Also, we promise that adding personalisation to your item will NOT delay it being shipped to you.  As soon as your order comes in we get busy with setting up the template for the personalisation, just remember to double check what you request as mistakes cannot be corrected once embossed and we assume you have written things in a certain way for a reason.

personalise your gifts

How do I add embossing to my order?

Simply choose what item you would like to buy and then, if personalisation is available, a personalisation form is displayed on the page that explains what options you have for that product. 

Once we receive your order we’ll get stamping on “Matilda” (our vintage 1960’s hot foil embossing machine) in no time!