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Weekend Bags

Whether it’s a boy’s only stag party or a romantic luxury getaway – a weekend away can be the perfect way to recharge your batteries and let loose. So if you have made the decision to go go go, you need the perfect leather weekend bag to carry your essentials in style.

We use strong, suntanned leather and a tough, dark green canvas lining - our leather weekend bags are handmade with longevity and strength in mind. They will carry a whole lot of stuff for whatever you have planned and keep you looking super stylish on the way.

Leather Duffel Bag 18 inch
Leather Duffel Bag 20 inch
From £130.00
Leather Duffel Bag 22 inch
Leather Duffel Bag 24 inch
Leather Overnight Bag
Leather Vintage Weekend Bag
Leather Weekend Bag
Matching Travel Bag Set
Men's Leather Duffel Bag 20 inch
From £130.00
Men's Leather Duffel Bag 22 inch
From £150.00
Men's Leather Overnight Bag
Round Leather Duffel Bag
From £130.00