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Women's Mini Bags

At Vida Vida we reckon that small is cool (the big boss stands tall at 5’2”). Big isn’t necessarily best so we designed a range of small leather satchels, handbags and saddle-bags that still have all the style impact but without any chance of back-ache!

These little wonders can still easily fit your daily essentials. This does depend on how long your list of essentials is sometimes, but if you’re after a beautiful leather bag to carry your book, bottle of water, purse and a few extras then we have lots of options.

We design and handmake all of our small leather satchels and handbags, as their style and quality is such an important part of Vida Vida’s reputation. We use beautiful, antique-looking leather. This leather has a distressed look, which really suits the classic satchels that we focus on. As each satchel is used the leather will get softer and this vintage character will continue to develop. This is one of the best things about our leather satchels because it means each becomes unique as soon as you start to use it.

Vida Vida does not mass-produce our leather satchels and handbags in big factories. We hand-make a limited quantity of the most beautiful satchels around so you won’t find anything like them on the high street. These small but perfectly formed beauties are totally unique and down right gorgeous!

So if you’re looking for a small leather satchel that you’ll love and everybody else will admire (we guarantee lots of compliments!) but don’t want to carry loads of heavy stuff around with you all day, then we have lots of very good options. 

Mini Mini Leather Bag
Mini Mini Leather Satchel
Leather Mini Mini Bag
Leather iPad Clutch Handbag
Mini Long Leather Satchel
Mini Leather Satchel
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