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What is a Dopp Kit?

What is a Dopp Kit?
Confused what a Dopp Kit is? So were we so we looked into the word and why the Americans use this term for what we call a Wash Bag. Looks like it all down to Charles Doppelt. We have added lots of new wash bags and our range now includes over 20 different mens wash bag styles.

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Vogue in Bhutan - a road less travelled

am absolutely loving the Tim Walker photo shoot in this months Vogue. I am a huge fan of Tim Walker’s work, having been to his amazing exhibition at Somerset House last year and owning two of his gorgeous coffee table books. This however is even more magical as its shot in Bhutan which I have been lucky enough to visit. His pictures from this Vogue in Bhutan convey the beauty and intrigue of this magical Kingdom perfectly. bhutan3 I visited in 2007 after our yearly visit to our workshop in Rajasthan. We made our way right across India and up into Bhutan. We felt very privileged as they only let a small number of visitors in a year as they are trying to restrict tourism so it doesn't ruin their incredible culture and landscape. Who cannot love a country who talks about Gross National Happiness (GNH) rather than GNP. A phrase coined as a signal of commitment to building an economy that would serve Bhutan's culture, based on Buddhist spiritual values instead of western material development.   The Bhutanese people are amazing. They still all wear their traditional national dress on a day to day basis but they also have very modern views on subjects such as the roles of women in society, which are far more liberal than their neighbouring countries. It was a pleasant change form India to be able to chat freely with women in a bar who were having a beer!   bhutan2   The Tim walker shoot takes them to some of Bhutan’s most special places. In the Vogue article the photos are accompanied by a written piece by the model who is in the shoot who mentions the hard walk up to Tigers Nest Monastery .   bhutan1   The photos from this location are stunning and it brought back lots of memories from our visit there. Not nearly as glamorous but me in a similar spot wish my backpack had been filled with anything so fabulous. 

Such a special place.

Christmas Gift Ideas - Part 1!

After going through different stages of denial that the festive season is upon us, I have finally accepted that 2014 may be coming to a close. In order to make the most of this early realisation, I decided that this year I am going to be really organised, so as to be calm and collected come the week before Christmas. So, in an effort to help myself, and maybe even you, below is some inspiration for choosing some great gifts from Vida Vida this Christmas. Enjoy!


  • 1.  Although it may not seem like the most ground-breaking idea, a new vintage leather purse or wallet really is one of the best presents you can buy for someone. Everyone needs one, they look great and you know it will be used! From a tan leather credit card holder to a more substantial leather wallet, we have a few options that will be really appreciated, and priced at between £10 and £35, you won’t have to break the bank.




  • 3.  For a more classic present, why not buy your loved ones one of our traditional style leather satchels. Old school style with a modern (and practical) twist, these bags are absolutely perfect for men and women of all ages and even include a compartment to keep you laptop in.  They get better and better the more they are used and the design is timeless. Whether you choose an original tan leather satchel or one of our new black leather satchels, you’re onto a winner with presents like these!


So hopefully this has been useful, but if not, and you’re still a little bit clueless as to what to buy who, keep your eye on the blog, as I am planning a more detailed gift guide for when the real  Christmas gift rush begins next month.