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Don't Stop Now! Perhaps a leather gym bag will help.

We are now a whole month into 2014, and if your new year’s resolution was to improve an aspect of your health, you’re not alone; 7 million others had the same idea – from quitting smoking to cycling to work, everyone wants to get fit and healthy. With such a huge number of people tackling their wellbeing, it’s no wonder that not everyone manages to stick with it, but if your aim for this year was to go to the gym more, and you've found yourself struggling past the five week mark, don’t give up just yet, a stylish new leather gym bag may be just the extra bit or motivation you need. 

Leather Gym Bag - Duffel Style


As us ladies know, there is nothing like the thrill of a new bag, so surely, with a new one in tow, (like one of our leather duffel gym bags, starting from £90) there’s no way you’ll dread your workout anymore! Instead you’ll want to show off the gorgeous leather to as many people as possible, while able to say that you have stuck to your resolution and that you are on your way to a healthier, happier and (most importantly) a more fashionable 2014!

The Vida Vida "Superbag" - A Very Large Weekend Bag

Is it a suitcase?  Is it hand luggage? No, its Superbag!


I recently wrote an article about travelling with my Vida Vida Large Weekend Bag and although this is a beautiful and practical leather bag, its bigger brother is regarded as even more special according to the press.


The Extra Large Leather Weekend Bag has been mentioned in just about everything; from iD to Cosmopolitan, to The Times and The Telegraph – this bag is causing a real stir!

What fits inside the extra large weekend bag


It is the answer to carry-on luggage” according to BA Highlife magazine and Sarah Walters, writing for the fashion magazine Red, says the Vida Vida handmade, leather hold-all is “the right size…affordable and looks stylish”.


As well as this, our beautiful travel bag has been named as one of the “accessories that make a difference” by Vogue, an “essential” for your summer wardrobe by The Daily Mail and one writer’s “greatest discovery” after spending “decades endeavouring to discover a durable weekend/hand luggage affair of suitable aesthetics, with a Tardis-like capacity for feminalia without causing bankruptcy.”(Hannah Betts, The Telegraph)

Extra large weekend bag side view


As you can tell, this bag is making waves in the fashion world, and as a practical, beautiful and durable large weekend bag for less than £200, you can probably see why. So whether it’s a gift for a loved one, or a well-earned present to yourself, you know this bag will stay strong and stylish for years to come, whether it is used at weekends for trips to the countryside or as hand luggage on long haul flights – this really is the perfect travel companion!


Take a look at one today - The Extra Large Leather Weekend Bag - also known as "Superbag"!


Competition to win a Vida Vida Leather Travel Bag

At Vida Vida we love knowing what adventures our bags have gone on, so we are having a competition to see our bags in the strangest, furthest, funniest or most beautiful location! 


We will choose a winning photo every 6 months and the winner will receive a free gorgeous leather travel bag for men or women. RRP £195 (top left in image below).

VIDA_VIDA 0107 lower res



We are due to announce our first winner of our Vida Vida competition to win an amazing leather travel bag on 20 December. You have got plenty of time to snap a Vida Vida bag in a silly, beautiful, fun, boring location or just generally on its travels.


Please send your photos to


Good luck!!!