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Photograph Competition Winners - Winter 2015

Firstly, thank you to the many customers who have sent us some wonderful photographs of the exciting adventures that they get up to with a little bit of help from their Vida Vida bags.  It has been great fun looking though the entries which have not only taken us around the world, but also to a few rather unique and often unseen places.


It is clear that our customers not only love their Vida Vida bags, but, just like myself and Matt, you love to travel and get off the beaten track.


We did rather struggle in choosing an outright winner, but we think you will agree with our final choice!  We decided to add two runner-up prizes just because we felt they each deserved something in recognition for their efforts.


Before you see the winning pictures below (no peeping) and a selection of the other entries, do remember you can continue to send us your entries to matt@vidavida.co.uk as the competition is ongoing and we will be picking another winner or two sometime towards the start of the summer – just in time for the holidays.  More details will appear on our blog soon.


So, onto the top three entrants… 


In first place, we had to give it to Ian Gray who has really taken his use of his Grande Leather Satchel to the next level with this eggcellent set of photographs from the hatchery he works at in Scotland.  Ian, we were thrilled to see your use of the bag, the attention to our logo and the strategically placed protection from bird poo! 


Vida Vida Satchels - loved by chicks everywhere!


Vida Vida Leather Satches For Chicks of All Ages


More Chicks Flock To See The Vida Vida Leather Satchel


Ian's prize of our top of the line leather travel bag is on it’s way to you with plenty of room inside to store the adult chickens or a week or two’s worth of clothing if you choose to take it travelling with you this summer.


To everyone else, please get ready for more awful puns about chicks and eggs over the Easter period!


Next are the two runners up, who have each won one of our handmade leather wallets embossed with the initials or message of their choosing.


Paul Wingfield managed to capture this fantastically evocative shot of his leather satchel on stage at none other than London’s Royal Opera House (below).  He nabbed this during rehearsals where he is the conductor.  The lighting and the composition with the red velvet seating worked really well.


Vida Vdia Leather Satchel at The Royal Opera House London



The other runner up comes from the other side of the World and was sent one of our bags as a gift by her sisters (did you know we ship worldwide).  Ash Hanson, from Raglan in New Zealand, sent us the two images below of her casually “posing” by the seafront and a waterfall.  A lovely set of photographs in an amazing setting, we are all “Well Jel” (if you don’t know what that means, then look it up like we had to)!  http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Well+Jel 


Ashleigh Hanson Leather Saddle Bag Satchel Winner



Thanks to everyone who took the time to take some pictures and send them in.  Please keep on doing so as we will pick another winner later in the year.  Below are a few of the entries we really liked too, but they were pipped to the post!


A few other competition entries



First Leather Bag Photo Competition Winner is...


[caption id="attachment_550" align="aligncenter" width="454"]Winning competition photo- BLENDING IN ON COMMERCIAL STREET LONDON 1 Blending In On Commercial Street - By Amanda Day[/caption]


We are very pleased to announce the first winner of our competition to photo a Vida Vida bag on its travels. The brief was to photo one of our leather bags out and about anywhere whether it was the most beautiful, unusual, funny location it was up to you to be inspired!


This shot of a Vida Vida mini satchel was taken by Amanda Day and entitled "Blending in on Commercial Street" and we love it! Well done Amanda a Vida Vida Travel Bag is on its way to you as we speak.


Thanks to everyone else who entered.  We had some lovely pictures, a selection of which you can see on this blog post.  Why not take a look for some inspiration for the next competition (details below)?


We are opening up the competition again so please send all entries to matt@vidavida.co.uk and expect to see them featuring on our blog and the very best ones on our site. The prize is again a Vida Vida leather travel bag worth £195.


Good luck everyone!!!



Competition Entries - Who Will Win The Travel Bag?

Thanks to everyone who sent in photographs for our competition to win an Extra Large Travel Bag (worth £195). 



Below is a selection of the entries and we will be picking the winner in the next few days.


Have a look at these - we hope that they will act as inspiration for the next competition which will follow on from the announcement of the winners of this one.


 Win a leather bag entries

Competition to win a Vida Vida Leather Travel Bag

At Vida Vida we love knowing what adventures our bags have gone on, so we are having a competition to see our bags in the strangest, furthest, funniest or most beautiful location! 


We will choose a winning photo every 6 months and the winner will receive a free gorgeous leather travel bag for men or women. RRP £195 (top left in image below). 




VIDA_VIDA 0107 lower res



We are due to announce our first winner of our Vida Vida competition to win an amazing leather travel bag on 20 December. You have got plenty of time to snap a Vida Vida bag in a silly, beautiful, fun, boring location or just generally on its travels.


Please send your photos to matt@vidavida.co.uk.


Good luck!!!