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We were lucky enough to be featured by The Blogger Programme recently, in a project where some lucky bloggers and vloggers got sent a huge box of goodies to review and consider promoting to their network of fans. In the last week or two I have been keeping my eye out for their blogs and video responses and I have not been disappointed!  

Although watching twenty minutes of someone else open amazing presents that you can’t have sounds like it might not be too fun, it was strangely entertaining! It was really nice to see not only the lovely feedback on our bags, but also other small companies’ products – I had my eye in particular on the gorgeous looking chocolates from zChocolat.  

I was also really interested in how big YouTube and blogging has become, with people gaining millions of followers for posting beauty tutorials and gaming videos. With so many people now online, there’s endless blogs and vlogs (a video blog) to choose from, so it can get a bit tricky, but if you’re looking for some interesting people to follow then here are two that I really enjoyed watching/reading.  

Kate Louise, or ‘KateThisIsWhatIDo’, is just a little busy with quite a few accounts; she’s on Tumblr, TwitterInstagram, YouTube and of course she also runs an entertaining blog.  

We sent Kate Louise a personalised leather weekend bag to see what she thought of it and she was lovely enough to not only write a blog post about it but also to feature it in her ‘Current Favourites’ video. I really enjoyed having a quick read through her blog which is a mixture of fashion and beauty posts and recipes; her style is fun and interesting and her tattoos are amazing – I would definitely recommend giving it a read!  

Tasha Green has a blog, a YouTube channel, an Instagram account and of course Twitter, so she’s also a pretty busy lady! Not only does she run all four accounts, but she has thousands of people following each of them – almost 34,000 followers on Instagram and over 78,000 subscribers on YouTube.

She posts make-up tutorials, fashion look books and generally chatty videos that are easy to lose track of time watching!   She seemed really excited to receive our leather duffel bag (as well she might) in her video opening all her presents, and I am so glad she likes it as I’m sure she will find some gorgeous ways to style it!

On her blog, she posts some great outfit ideas alongside chatty posts that are great fun to read!   tasha green with a vida vida duffel bag   So, if you need some inspiration then take a look at some of the above links.  If you have your own blog, vlog or any other sort of interesting channel that you think the Vida Vida audience might be interested in then to get in touch and we might be able to feature something from you on here too.   Until then, I'm off to watch just one more about what to wear at festivals this summer.