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The Perfect Mother's Day Gift For Every Mum



With Mother’s Day fast approaching (Sunday, 15th March 2015 in the UK), it’s time to start thinking about a gift to say thank you. To save you the trouble of shopping around for ages before deciding on the perfect present, I have picked five of our bags for five different types of mothers that will hopefully help!


Remember that we can also add the personal touch with a lovely message or name embossed subtly into the leather of most of our products.  So, see if we have the ideal Mother's Day Gift for your mum.


1.       The Working Mum

    For the mother who is constantly lugging files and documents into the office, while still remaining dutifully on call if you need anything, one of our laptop bags would be a fantastic way to say thank you. My personal choice would be our medium black leather satchel because it is not only super practical, but it looks great, and is big enough for all the bits and bobs she might need, alongside her work and even a 11” or 13” laptop. We do, of course, have lots of other laptop bags in different styles, sizes and also in gorgeous tan leather!


    Large Black Leather Satchel


    2.       The Retired Mum

      A perfect gift for your retired mother is our large leather weekend bag because no matter where she is travelling or what she is exploring, she will look stylish as she does it. She will also never leave anything behind, with enough space to carry whatever she wants with her. The bag simply gets more gorgeous with age as the suntanned leather softens and becomes more and more unique and special.


      leather weekend bag


      3.       The New Mum

        If you are buying a gift for a new mother, our leather overnight bag might be the perfect thing as they make brilliant nappy bags. They are the ideal size, comfortable to carry because of the cross-shoulder strap, and no one would ever guess they are full of bottles and nappies because of how great they look! I use mine daily to haul the boys’ toys and food around, and absolutely love it, so I highly recommend this as a gift!




        4.       The Trendy Mum

          For the mother who always looks stylish, no matter the situation, one of our leather saddle bags is a great gift. I have already expressed my love for these gorgeous bags in a recent article so I will keep it short, only saying that these are the perfect presents for the mum who likes to stay on trend, and if given, they will definitely be appreciated! A great choice at the moment is our hugely popular Vintage Two Pocket Leather Satchel as it is a great size and is simple but stylish, but we have loads more saddle bag style options in other sizes and designs.


          Two pocket leather saddle bag satchel



          Hopefully this has been somewhat useful, and whatever happens with a gift, make sure that come Sunday, 15th March you thank your wonderful mothers for all they do! Remember, if you do decide to get one of our bags, you can make them even more special, by getting them personalised, with their initials or even a short message to remind your mum that you love her!

          Ideal Gift For Mother's Day - A Lovely Leather Gift or Some Perhaps Some Jewellery

          With Mother’s Day fast approaching, this is the year to buy her a truly fabulous gift; a beautiful leather handbag. One that she will be able to use for years to come, and that’s just that little bit more stylish than the one she uses at the moment. On top of all that, when she’s not trying to show it to as many people as possible (because they really are gorgeous), it can be used to house all of those presents from years past; pasta photo frames, key rings and ‘best mum ever’ mugs .


           Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Jewellery & Bags

          As you can see, a new bag really is the way to go, and you’re looking in the right place. With so much choice, from small coloured leather bags to large tan weekenders, you’re guaranteed to find something that mum will love.


          If you’re looking for something in a slightly lower price range, or your mother is already lucky enough to own a great vintage bag, have a look at our jewellery, from simple silver rings to intricate glass design earrings, you’re bound to find something that she’ll want to show off.


          Lastly, if her iPad is her pride and joy (second to you of course!) why not buy her a great leather iPad cover to protect it or even a stunning leather laptop cover


          So, to make her really smile, give her a gift to remember and don't forget, every item we send out is beautifully wrapped up and ready to give to the most important woman in your life!