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Gift Ideas for Teenagers

Gift Ideas for Teenagers

When asking around it seems like teenagers are up their with Dads as difficult recipients. Is it cool enough? Has everyone got one already? Well look no further we have created a collection of gifts for those hard to buy for teenage boys and girls.

Our top buying tips for teenage boys centres around their likes and the most popular ones seem to be music, gaming, tech and fashion. Here's our top 3 suggestions:



For teen girls we have seen the most popular interests being make-up, best friend gifts and, as usual, anything vintage. Our top 3 selections this year are:-
There are loads and loads of other ideas throughout the website, so take a look and get that Christmas shopping sorted!

Christmas Gift Ideas - Part 1!

After going through different stages of denial that the festive season is upon us, I have finally accepted that 2014 may be coming to a close. In order to make the most of this early realisation, I decided that this year I am going to be really organised, so as to be calm and collected come the week before Christmas. So, in an effort to help myself, and maybe even you, below is some inspiration for choosing some great gifts from Vida Vida this Christmas. Enjoy!


  • 1.  Although it may not seem like the most ground-breaking idea, a new vintage leather purse or wallet really is one of the best presents you can buy for someone. Everyone needs one, they look great and you know it will be used! From a tan leather credit card holder to a more substantial leather wallet, we have a few options that will be really appreciated, and priced at between £10 and £35, you won’t have to break the bank.




  • 3.  For a more classic present, why not buy your loved ones one of our traditional style leather satchels. Old school style with a modern (and practical) twist, these bags are absolutely perfect for men and women of all ages and even include a compartment to keep you laptop in.  They get better and better the more they are used and the design is timeless. Whether you choose an original tan leather satchel or one of our new black leather satchels, you’re onto a winner with presents like these!


So hopefully this has been useful, but if not, and you’re still a little bit clueless as to what to buy who, keep your eye on the blog, as I am planning a more detailed gift guide for when the real  Christmas gift rush begins next month.

Christmas is Coming - Get Organized NOW!

It seems ridiculous that we have started thinking about Christmas, but with Halloween out of the way and Guy Fawkes Night just over, winter seems truly to be upon us. Reminiscing last night on last year’s mad rush the week before Christmas Day, I decided that I would be more organised this time and try to have all of my Christmas presents bought before December really hits us.  As I’ve set myself this (seemingly improbable) target, I figured making it public may be the incentive I need to ensure that come 23rd December, I am not running around Oxford Street (although it’s beautiful at this time, it is also terrifying), desperately searching for that one specific toy that the boys wanted so desperately or the ‘sold out everywhere’ Christmas toy of the year.


To motivate myself, and maybe even a few of you, I thought I would share the top three tips I found for buying presents that friends and family will love for years to come:


1.  Although it sounds pretty obvious, finding out what your loved ones would like really is the start to buying them an awesome gift. Whether you ask them straight up, or try to discover what’s on their Christmas present wish list more subtly, it’s important to have an idea of what they would appreciate. So, before you impulse-buy something that not only they might never use, but could also be a waste of your own money, set out to uncover what they really want. And don’t forget to drop some subtle hints about the presents you’d like while doing this!


2.  This may sound like another obvious tip, but keeping organised is pretty important. Make a list of all of the people you want to buy Christmas gifts for, and when you covertly discover what they want, or just stumble upon an idea, write it down. You will therefore have a go-to list of all the options you have and there’ll be no mix-ups – hopefully! This is also really useful when it comes to Christmas budgeting and making sure you don’t forget anyone.


3.  Last but definitely not least (in fact, probably the best advice out there): order things online. Not only does it stop you from traipsing around every department store looking for the same item, but it means you have more time available and can really appreciate the beautiful Christmas Markets (which we have carefully researched and recommended to you) and all of the endless amazing events during the best season!


One last word of advice for any of you who successfully manage to get the Christmas shopping finished before December begins; find a good hiding place! Oh, and for some great gift ideas for those who don’t know themselves, check out some of our lovely bags, satchels and leather accessories.  This year we can even emboss any leather gift with your own personal message (more on that later).