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Stanley Johnson Gets Vlogging, So Does Vida Vida

Stanley Johnson Gets Vlogging, So Does Vida Vida
To celebrate the launch of our 50 or so new product videos, we wanted to start by sharing a few of them and also showing a great clip from the first full episode of the 2017 "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here" that was aired last night (20 Nov).

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Photograph Competition Winners - Winter 2015

Firstly, thank you to the many customers who have sent us some wonderful photographs of the exciting adventures that they get up to with a little bit of help from their Vida Vida bags.  It has been great fun looking though the entries which have not only taken us around the world, but also to a few rather unique and often unseen places.


It is clear that our customers not only love their Vida Vida bags, but, just like myself and Matt, you love to travel and get off the beaten track.


We did rather struggle in choosing an outright winner, but we think you will agree with our final choice!  We decided to add two runner-up prizes just because we felt they each deserved something in recognition for their efforts.


Before you see the winning pictures below (no peeping) and a selection of the other entries, do remember you can continue to send us your entries to as the competition is ongoing and we will be picking another winner or two sometime towards the start of the summer – just in time for the holidays.  More details will appear on our blog soon.


So, onto the top three entrants… 


In first place, we had to give it to Ian Gray who has really taken his use of his Grande Leather Satchel to the next level with this eggcellent set of photographs from the hatchery he works at in Scotland.  Ian, we were thrilled to see your use of the bag, the attention to our logo and the strategically placed protection from bird poo! 


Vida Vida Satchels - loved by chicks everywhere!


Vida Vida Leather Satches For Chicks of All Ages


More Chicks Flock To See The Vida Vida Leather Satchel


Ian's prize of our top of the line leather travel bag is on it’s way to you with plenty of room inside to store the adult chickens or a week or two’s worth of clothing if you choose to take it travelling with you this summer.


To everyone else, please get ready for more awful puns about chicks and eggs over the Easter period!


Next are the two runners up, who have each won one of our handmade leather wallets embossed with the initials or message of their choosing.


Paul Wingfield managed to capture this fantastically evocative shot of his leather satchel on stage at none other than London’s Royal Opera House (below).  He nabbed this during rehearsals where he is the conductor.  The lighting and the composition with the red velvet seating worked really well.


Vida Vdia Leather Satchel at The Royal Opera House London



The other runner up comes from the other side of the World and was sent one of our bags as a gift by her sisters (did you know we ship worldwide).  Ash Hanson, from Raglan in New Zealand, sent us the two images below of her casually “posing” by the seafront and a waterfall.  A lovely set of photographs in an amazing setting, we are all “Well Jel” (if you don’t know what that means, then look it up like we had to)! 


Ashleigh Hanson Leather Saddle Bag Satchel Winner



Thanks to everyone who took the time to take some pictures and send them in.  Please keep on doing so as we will pick another winner later in the year.  Below are a few of the entries we really liked too, but they were pipped to the post!


A few other competition entries



The Perfect Mother's Day Gift For Every Mum



With Mother’s Day fast approaching (Sunday, 15th March 2015 in the UK), it’s time to start thinking about a gift to say thank you. To save you the trouble of shopping around for ages before deciding on the perfect present, I have picked five of our bags for five different types of mothers that will hopefully help!


Remember that we can also add the personal touch with a lovely message or name embossed subtly into the leather of most of our products.  So, see if we have the ideal Mother's Day Gift for your mum.


1.       The Working Mum

    For the mother who is constantly lugging files and documents into the office, while still remaining dutifully on call if you need anything, one of our laptop bags would be a fantastic way to say thank you. My personal choice would be our medium black leather satchel because it is not only super practical, but it looks great, and is big enough for all the bits and bobs she might need, alongside her work and even a 11” or 13” laptop. We do, of course, have lots of other laptop bags in different styles, sizes and also in gorgeous tan leather!


    Large Black Leather Satchel


    2.       The Retired Mum

      A perfect gift for your retired mother is our large leather weekend bag because no matter where she is travelling or what she is exploring, she will look stylish as she does it. She will also never leave anything behind, with enough space to carry whatever she wants with her. The bag simply gets more gorgeous with age as the suntanned leather softens and becomes more and more unique and special.


      leather weekend bag


      3.       The New Mum

        If you are buying a gift for a new mother, our leather overnight bag might be the perfect thing as they make brilliant nappy bags. They are the ideal size, comfortable to carry because of the cross-shoulder strap, and no one would ever guess they are full of bottles and nappies because of how great they look! I use mine daily to haul the boys’ toys and food around, and absolutely love it, so I highly recommend this as a gift!




        4.       The Trendy Mum

          For the mother who always looks stylish, no matter the situation, one of our leather saddle bags is a great gift. I have already expressed my love for these gorgeous bags in a recent article so I will keep it short, only saying that these are the perfect presents for the mum who likes to stay on trend, and if given, they will definitely be appreciated! A great choice at the moment is our hugely popular Vintage Two Pocket Leather Satchel as it is a great size and is simple but stylish, but we have loads more saddle bag style options in other sizes and designs.


          Two pocket leather saddle bag satchel



          Hopefully this has been somewhat useful, and whatever happens with a gift, make sure that come Sunday, 15th March you thank your wonderful mothers for all they do! Remember, if you do decide to get one of our bags, you can make them even more special, by getting them personalised, with their initials or even a short message to remind your mum that you love her!

          Top Valentine's Day Gifts For Him and Her

          With Valentine’s Day this weekend, there is not a lot of time to pick out a perfect present for your special someone.


          So, if you (like me) are always a little bit disorganised when it comes to present buying, look no further as I have compiled a top five gifts for men and a top five gifts for women from Vida Vida (and you even get free UK delivery in time for Valentine’s Day! if you order by Wednesday - just click the red "Valentine's Coupon" button on the right*). 


          Remember, all our leather goods can be personalised with a short message, name or initials, so you can make any of our products even more special for that special person in your life.


          For the woman in your life:


          Leather Make-Up Bag, £30 

            With an internal zippered compartment and a waterproof lining, this travel essential is practical and stylish. This is a great gift that you know will be used endlessly.


            Vintage Two Pocket Leather Satchel, £55 

              This saddle bag is absolutely perfect for someone who is constantly on the run. It fits in all the essentials without being bulky, and it really is so fashionable right now. I have already put this on my personal wish list, because saddle bags are really so on trend at the moment! (I wrote an article about them too!)


              Large Leather Satchel, £80

                This is a slightly more classic bag (that is definitely still very stylish!), which will definitely be appreciated. It is perfect for the working woman, with space for a laptop and all your other bits and bobs, while staying perfectly gorgeous, and only getting better with age!


                Extra Large Leather Weekend Bag, £195 

                  For a present that will keep on giving and that will guarantee a very happy response, get this and sit back as there is no end to this bag’s brilliance. From its versatility to its beautiful design, anyone would appreciate this, and if you want any more proof of how great it is, look at this article I wrote way back when the hype around this travel bag began.

                   leather weekend bag

                  Silver Rings, £35 - £50 

                    If you are looking for a Valentine’s gift that is slightly less leather, one of our handmade silver rings could be perfect. We have a range of different rings but my personal favourite is this coiled ring, and one of them is bound to be the romantic present you have been looking for!



                    For the man in your life:


                    Grande Leather Messenger, £85 

                      This is a great bag for your busy partner with its laptop compartment and the vast space, while still remaining effortlessly cool and stylish. The messenger is simpler than the satchel but will no doubt look great wherever it is taken and be enjoyed thoroughly.

                      Grande Leather Messenger Bag Vida Vida

                      Large Black Satchel, £95 

                        For a more classic style but still with its modern twist, this black leather satchel is the perfect twist for the contemporary yet practical man. It looks fantastic now but will only improve through use, and so this is a fantastic present if you want something that will look great and be used. A lot.

                        Large Black Leather Satchel

                        Leather Duffle Bag 20”, £130 

                          If your other half is a budding gym goer, or perhaps fitness was one of their New Year’s resolutions, this is a fantastic way to motivate. This duffle bag, which comes in other sizes and shapes, is perfect for holding a change of clothes and any other bits and bobs needed, while still remaining on trend.

                          Large Leather Duffle Bag Vida Vida


                          Tan Leather Wallet, £35 

                            For a man who’s always on the go, this is the perfect travel companion. With pockets for cards and coins and its gorgeous design, you can’t go wrong with such a simple gift. If a wallet sounds like a good idea, but this one is not for you (or rather, your partner), then have a look at our others.


                            Leather iPad Case Organiser, £50 

                              If his iPad is almost equal to you in importance, this would be a great gift as it would not only help keep him organised, but it would keep his pride and joy safe and secure plus he will think of you each time he opens it up to play.  We also have other leather iPad cases, including this in black leather.



                              Return of the Saddle Bag - Don't Call It a Comeback!

                              I love a good blast from the past, and bags are obviously quite a big part of my life, so I am extremely excited that this season’s big thing is the saddle bag; a mixture of a truly brilliant fashion flashback and a stylish and practical bag!


                              Modern fashion brings with it a host of amazing style revivals, and in my opinion, this is definitely one that deserves to stay. The wonderful saddle bag is currently so on trend, and as it can be worn by just about anyone, with just about anything, it’s set to become even more popular in the next few months. The soft structure and muted details lend its design to anything; from a day trip to a museum, to an evening out, there is no end to the saddle bag’s usefulness.


                              I have been an advocate for these roomy and stylish bags for years, (yes, I may have started the current trend!) and when I don’t have to lug nappies and bottles around with me, these are my go-to bags for a look that is instantly put-together and effortless.


                              If only I had bought the amazing US Postal Saddle Bag (below) I found when rummaging in New York a couple of years ago - it was beyond my budget then at around $400!



                              In the excitement of this revival of such a great trend, I thought I would pick out three of our Vida Vida saddle bag inspired designs so that you can keep up!


                              1.       Vintage 2 Pocket Leather Satchel – Small Saddle Bag £45, Medium £55, Large £65 

                              In three different sizes, and from only £45, this leather satchel is the ideal bag if you want something that is simultaneously stylish and practical. The simple yet striking design sticks to the classic structure of the saddle bags, with brass fastenings and a long body strap, and with zip-up pockets as well as the main compartment, you can carry everything you need, without looking like you’re lugging you whole life around with you. 


                              2.  Vintage Leather Annie Saddle Bag Satchel, £45 

                              If you are looking for a slightly more detailed version of the above, this Annie satchel is the perfect bag for you. It is our slightly different take on the traditional leather saddle bags, and is hand-made in the heart of Mexico by a small family business, so each is unique, meaning your outfit will instantly be updated and original when you grab this and go.


                              3.  Vintage Leather Small Sun Saddle Bag Satchel, £50 

                              This is my personal favourite (and my go-to bag) because of the beautiful detailing in the gorgeous suntanned leather. It ages fantastically, and although I have used mine for years, I can tell it will last for many more. If you are looking for a little more character and individuality, while still staying bang on trend, this is the bag for you.