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Whats The Ideal Leather Satchel For a University Student?

I read this comprehensive review of our Large Lather Satchel and it got me thinking about how much money I wasted on cheap bags which broke. There are many things to remember to buy when heading off to university, but I strongly believe one of the most important investments is a sturdy, practical and fashionable bag to use. 


Rather than buying cheap bags and having to regularly replace them, make an investment in a strong functional bag, and it will save you fortunes in the future. If you haven't got your perfect uni bag yet, take a look below where I have my top five leather university bags


 1.      Medium Black Leather Messenger Bag – This beautiful black messenger bag is very popular among men as it’s simple yet cool and for a mere £80 it’s a bargain! It can be carried across the body and has three inside zip pockets for security and is perfect for university as it can comfortably fit an 11” or 13” laptop along with your books, phone, pens and anything else you may need while at your lectures.


 2.      Large Leather Satchel 3 in 1 Backpack – I love this bag and I’m sure many of you will too; it’s an extremely clever design as you can use it as a satchel, a rucksack or a briefcase – it’s the best of the best! If you cycle to your lectures, this is definitely the bag for you – use it on your back for your journey, then whip it over your shoulders while walking around. As well as all that it can fit 13” laptop in the internal sleeve or a 15” laptop and an A4 file in the main compartment – serious practicality as well a style.


 3.      Special Leather Laptop Bag Extra Large – This is another great leather satchel style bag, especially if you are one of those students who likes to carry everything with you. It has loads of pockets to keep all your bits and bobs completely safe and it can fit a 15” laptop as well as fitting a lever arch file, A4 documents and even a change of clothes or gym stuff. It has a hidden extra section (which can stretch to another 6cm on top of 14cm already!) which has easy access along with the main compartment which can be zipped up to keep your lecture notes extra secure! This is also a great multi-functioning bag as it can easily double up as a beautiful hand luggage bag or even just an original handbag whether you’re off on holiday or just going shopping.


 4.      Large Black Leather Satchel – This particular model has a handy front pocket and a sturdy top handle although you can buy this bag without the extras, although I think they add to the satchel’s originality and classic style. This bag can again fit a 13” or 15” laptop along with books, folders and everything else you need to get you to your lectures on time.  I also think the black leather makes this one of the most beautiful and stylish satchels you can buy – you’ll definitely get some envious looks wandering around campus with one of these!


5.      Grande Leather Laptop Bag – I like this bag with the tough top handle but no front pocket and I’m sure it will be the bag for you if you like your accessories minimal yet stylish and traditional with a modern twist. A 15” or 17” laptop can fit inside along with your books, documents and gym stuff, and we’ve recently added 2 large interior zip pockets so you can keep all of your valuables safe inside this beautiful leather bag – the perfect satchel for a stylish student!