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Is It Really Him? Hobbits need satchels too.

We were very excited to receive this lovely email from one of our customers this week.   Although there is probably more than one ‘Peter Jackson’ in the world, we like to believe this is from THE Peter Jackson (bag lover and film director famous for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit series). If any of our customers do happen to have the same names as celebrities then be sure to e-mail us a review so we can feature you in our new “Is It Really Them” feature!   Those of you without celebrity names can of course email in too – we love to hear from everyone really. ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Peter Jackson <> Date: Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 8:29 AM Subject: RE: : Shipment # for Order # To: Vida Vida Sales <>   Dear Sir   My order arrived today. I must say how delighted I have been with the level of care, attention to detail and overall customer service. I love the wrapping and the note that came with my bag, most unexpected. The order was completed efficiently and quickly with no issues or delays.   As to the bag itself, it is absolutely perfect. It is well made, well designed and better than could be imagined. I imagine a lifetime of service from it, each use being a joy. Quality service is far too rare these days but your company has reminded me of how it should be.   I recommend, without hesitation, your products, your level of service and your company as a whole to anyone thinking of purchasing any of the items you offer. You deserve every success.   Warm regards Peter Jackson   -------------------------------------- One final thought, if this is THE Peter Jackson, we have a bunch of miniature leather satchels which are perfectly sized for the Hobbits and we’re sure they would be perfect for your next movie!