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Elephants need lessons in packing!

Nellie the Elephant packed her trunk And said goodbye to the circus Off she went with a trumpety-trump Trump, trump, trump”   I was recently revisiting some of my old favourite songs (for my son, Herbie, of course) and after thinking about Nellie and her departure from life at the circus, I couldn't help but wonder; why did she pack a trunk?!   I know that an old-fashioned trunk looks lovely and Nellie already has a trunk of one kind but I struggle to understand how an elephant can walk around with a wooden chest balancing on (excuse the pun) her trunk!   If only she could have bought herself a lovely Vida Vida Leather Weekend Bag before she ran away; then at least she could have hooked one of comfortable straps or handles around her enlarged nose.  She would then found it much easier to leave. In fact, maybe she wouldn't have made such a ‘trumpety-trump’ as she walked away!