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Father's Day Gift Ideas - What Type of Dad Is Yours?

So with Father’s Day soon approaching (June 21st in the UK in case you didn't know!), I thought I would lend a hand to any of you who don’t know what to buy your dad by writing about our Father's Day gift ideas. Similar to the one written for Mother’s Day, I have tried to pick a different leather bag (or accessory) for different types of dads. So whether your father is constantly hitting the gym or prefers to dabble in all the latest gadgets, there should be something for him here!

The Out and About Dad

First up in the mornings, the man on the move; whether he’s constantly on business trips or sneaks off for a weekend playing golf, he will definitely appreciate one of our gorgeous leather travel bags. These bags get better the more they are used as the leather begins to soften and darken, and so the gift will be appreciated for many trips to come. My personal favourite is our special leather laptop bag which works perfectly for business or pleasure, with enough space for documents and a 15” laptop, as well as fitting an array of your bits and bobs: clothes and cameras and whatever else you may need.


You could also go for our leather weekend bag or one of our larger duffle bags as they have all the space he could need while looking extremely stylish!


The Sporty Dad

Next we have the gym-obsessed father who spends his Saturday mornings trying to get the family out of the house and beat his personal best. If this sounds like your dad, then worry no more, we have the perfect bag for him to drag to the gym in the early hours of the morning – one of our leather duffle bags. Ranging in size from 16” to 24”, there will definitely be the right one for all his gym clothes and fancy running trainers, and, because of how great it will look, he will never want to go anywhere without it! travel-bag-large-leather-duffel-bag-16_1

Gadget Man

If your father is constantly upgrading his tech and always downloading the latest apps, then one of our leather iPad covers would be the perfect gift! Whether you choose to protect his iPhone with a lovely iPhone cover, his iPad , Macbook or even iPad Mini, his gadgets will look great and be protected when he’s on the go. In both tan and black leather, and with three styles to choose from, I think one of our leather iPad covers is a particularly good choice, especially the beautiful black leather iPad case organiser (my personal favourite). ipad_organiser_black_inside

The Workaholic

For the corporate dad who is always making deals and dashing to meetings, our large black leather messenger is a great present. It’s sleek and stylish, and its simple design looks good with everything, and it has enough space for endless documents, folders and even a 15” laptop! We do have a smaller version as well as countless other laptop bags if this isn’t the one for him! large-leather-laptop-bag-vintage

The Cool Dad

Last but definitely not least we have the cool dad; always on trend and down with the kids, he is (or at least he thinks he is) the least embarrassing father, using the latest slang and wearing the latest fashions. If your dad is a little like this, and perhaps you want him to tone it down, then our leather laptop bag is a great gift to make him look effortlessly stylish, and as the design is so timeless, he will impress everyone with his classic style! mens-leather-weekend-bag Hopefully this has somewhat helped you with the difficult task of finding a good Father’s Day present, and to add an even more special touch, you can get the gifts personalised with a short message embossed into the leather like his nickname, initials or something a bit original perhaps.  What more could you (or he) ask for this Father's Day?