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The Vida Vida "Superbag" - A Very Large Weekend Bag

Is it a suitcase?  Is it hand luggage? No, its Superbag!


I recently wrote an article about travelling with my Vida Vida Large Weekend Bag and although this is a beautiful and practical leather bag, its bigger brother is regarded as even more special according to the press.


The Extra Large Leather Weekend Bag has been mentioned in just about everything; from iD to Cosmopolitan, to The Times and The Telegraph – this bag is causing a real stir!

What fits inside the extra large weekend bag


It is the answer to carry-on luggage” according to BA Highlife magazine and Sarah Walters, writing for the fashion magazine Red, says the Vida Vida handmade, leather hold-all is “the right size…affordable and looks stylish”.


As well as this, our beautiful travel bag has been named as one of the “accessories that make a difference” by Vogue, an “essential” for your summer wardrobe by The Daily Mail and one writer’s “greatest discovery” after spending “decades endeavouring to discover a durable weekend/hand luggage affair of suitable aesthetics, with a Tardis-like capacity for feminalia without causing bankruptcy.”(Hannah Betts, The Telegraph)

Extra large weekend bag side view


As you can tell, this bag is making waves in the fashion world, and as a practical, beautiful and durable large weekend bag for less than £200, you can probably see why. So whether it’s a gift for a loved one, or a well-earned present to yourself, you know this bag will stay strong and stylish for years to come, whether it is used at weekends for trips to the countryside or as hand luggage on long haul flights – this really is the perfect travel companion!


Take a look at one today - The Extra Large Leather Weekend Bag - also known as "Superbag"!


My Trip to Auld Reekie (AKA Edinburgh or "Athens of The North")

I recently took a trip to Edinburgh for a one night stay by the incredible Edinburgh Zoo. Although the point of our trip was to see the pandas and they weren’t allowed out because of the pregnancy, I still had an amazing couple of days in the beautiful city. We visited the university and the city centre as well as going to the old castle and even the Scottish version of Oxford Street! And all this in less than two days – I was impressed at how we managed to fit everything in! Not only did we have to rush around and explore the area in a tiny amount of time, we also had to fit everything we were taking in hand luggage! 

Leather travel bag fits all this...

Now as a woman, I can do a lot of things; I can multi-task and organize, but one thing I can never seem to do is pack lightly. It was only one night yet I still felt the need to bring three outfit changes with me along with different shoes and hair straighteners ‘just in case’ I needed them. It would have been a disaster – suitcase dragging behind us while we were looking at the Koalas at the zoo – but I needn't have worried, my Vida Vida Large Leather Travel Bag could fit everything in. and more! Somehow this satchel is larger on the inside than first appears and so I could fit in my endless outfit changes and unnecessary objects and still take everything into hand luggage. It was a miracle! Not only is it a tardis, this bag is absolutely gorgeous – with soft, suntanned leather and a design inspired by the beautiful satchels of the past. This really is a lovely and practical bag, which you will want to take everywhere with you!