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Summer Festival Fashion - 2015

With the first weekend of Coachella over and the summer festival season officially underway, I thought I would have a browse through some of the best outfits from the Californian sun for a bit of summer style inspiration. With Coachella attracting countless celebrities and models each year, it’s no wonder it has become so fashion-forward, and with too many outfits to choose from I thought I would pick out my three favourite festival fashion trends from 2015!  


  1.  Dressed all in white

  The first trend that seems to have spread like wildfire is the ‘all in white’ look. From Paris and Nicky Hilton’s formal and put-together look to Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio and friends’ coordinated and casual style, everyone has been wearing the neutral colour! Definitely a favourite of mine and white is the perfect colour to wear to bring out your (probably minimal if you live in England!) summer tan! coachella-fashion-2015-paris-hilton_resize     Coachella 2015 - Week 1 - Day 3    
  1.  Boots, boots and more boots!

  Next up was the constant trend of working boots into your summer wardrobe. Boots are the perfect shoes to wear with everything as they’re stylish and comfortable, especially good for festivals where you’re wandering around and dancing your nights away! While I tend to go for ankle boots in the sun, like Kendall Jenner, you could brave the knee-high trend like Hailey Baldwin; whatever you choose they will be perfect for summer! tassles-vest_resize HaileyB    
  1.  Tassels everywhere!

I think one of the most popular trends of this year’s festival has been the gorgeous leather tassel. Seen on everyone from Fergie to Gigi Hadid, both wearing cut-off shorts with sleeveless tasselled jackets and even Cody Simpson in a tasselled cape, this trend was hard to escape from. What’s great about tassels is that you can go as out there as you’d like, simply wearing some ankle boots with tassels or going all out with tassels everywhere – you’ll look stylish whatever you go for! cody-2015-fashion_resize festival-fashion-2015_resize Fergie-Festival-Fashion2015   Obviously, with all these trends taking hold, you need a handbag to go with the outfit and that's where VidaVida are able to help.  Our range of vintage leather satchels, saddle bags and wonderful tan brown leather handbags all add a finishing touch to these casual summer looks.  You really do need somewhere to hide your festival essentials and we have bags in every shape and size whether you are a light traveler or someone who likes to be prepared for anything.