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What Makes a Great Corporate Gift?

corporate gifts for your staff and customers

Choosing a gift for either your staff or customers can be a daunting task and let's face it we've all had branded gifts given to us that ended up in a drawer never to see the light of day.

When talking to a business about corporate gifting we always get them to think of the recipient.

Is the gift for your team or your V.I.P. customers?

What kind of gift would be useful to them on a daily basis?


Personalised Leather Power Pack

Are the team always on the go? Maybe something like a branded phone charger power pack could be perfect.



Leather iPad Travel Organiser

Do the team now juggle between office and home working. if yes then maybe an organiser or laptop case could be the thing,




Personalised Leather Loop Key Ring

Or do you think something non branded but personal to them is more appropriate then why give them something embossed with their initials.


If you're thinking about a gift for your team or customers it's always good to talk it through. Why not get in touch to discuss options and discounted prices at